About Kentucky Gym

We have been lifting since high school in the 1980s and are disappointed by the corporate owned big box gyms that have popped up everywhere. Its just a numbers game to them. They could care less if you showed up to work out…as long as that auto billing hits their member’s account each month…that’s all they care about.

We wanted to get a real gym going for locals. That perfect combo of meat-heads that love to lift heavy and those that want to loose weight or just stay in great shape. We accomplished that in a clean, modern atmosphere. Unlike those other gyms, We actually put a cap on the number of members so that it is never too crowded.

We are so honored to be included as the Best of Lex 2024 for Gyms/Fitness Centers. 

Our amenities of Cold Plunge, Steam Room and Dry Sauna combined with a Boxing Gym, Boot Camp, Yoga Class, Massive Free Weights and Machines along with lots of Cardio Equipment is a great combination.

But all gyms have dumbbells and weights. So what makes our gym different?  Well the voters for Best of Lex say its our Blue Collar/Old School Gym Vibe and environment.  Our members come here for a great work out.

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Lexingtons Best 24 hour Gym
Boot Camp Classes Lexington


We  are so excited to have opened our first Lexington location in December 2023 and are looking forward to evolving and improving our gym experience for our members based upon their feedback.

We are expanding with locations in Nicholasville, Georgetown and Richmond soon.  And one membership gets you access to all the locations!

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