Boxing Class Lexington

Boxing Classes

Members get to enjoy our Group Boxing Classes that are led by one of the best Boxing Instructors in the business!  Our Boxing Classes focus on developing the best technique and form while strengthening your core, arms, shoulders, legs, and more. 

These high energy glasses will burn massive calories with members reporting readings on their fitness watches ranging from 500 to 1000 calories in just one class!

These classes are fun and safe!  At NO TIME do we allow members to box or spar with other members.  This is not a fight club LOL. 

Classes are 8 to 10 rounds with 1 min intervals in between rounds.  Our instructor will use the 1 min rest time to review the routine for the next round.

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Boxing Class Requirements

Our focus is on safety for every member in the class.  ALL members must have the following:

  • Hand Wraps – we sell brand new Title brand wraps for only $5 per pair (or you can bring your own).  Hand wraps keep your wrist straight which prevents the most common injuries from boxing and are MANDATORY.
  • Approved Boxing Gloves:  Hand bag gloves or MMA gloves are not permitted.  We have Title 12oz and 16 oz gloves that are available for our members to use during the class at no charge. However, we highly recommend getting your own personal gloves if you are going to consistently be taking our classes.
  • New and newer boxing class members need to arrive 15 min before the class starts so that our instructor(s) can help you wrap your hands and review class instructions/boxing rules and techniques for the class.
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Boxing Class Lexington